Editing and updating The Lone Wolf Blog will be done primarily by a 2013 iPad mini

I’m James Wallace, a middle-aged former Philadelphia-based junior accountant who recently moved to the Midwest and transformed my university credits from paralegal studies to accounting, currently doing what I always wanted to do: attend school full-time.  While enjoying my midlife “crisis” I study hard to maintain my GPA, play Steam games (via my aging Mac), Nintendo 3DS, Sega Saturn and a brand-new iPad mini (2013 Retina model).

The Lone Wolf Blog is called so for several reasons; namely my bachelor status, my unwillingness to play multiplayer games, my partial Native American heritage (Cherokee and Apachi), my favorite animal being the grey wolf, and the mascot of this site being…well, a grey wolf (a gift from the World Wildlife Fund for my family’s constant donations).  It’ll mostly be small posts regarding Mac and iPad games, but I would like to tackle game-related philosophical discussions whenever time allows.




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