Final WordPress Post: The Lone Wolf Blog is Now on Ghost; WordPress version Will BE a Ghost

Good morning, afternoon or evening.  Unless anyone plans to follow me on Ghost (see below), this will be the last time that you’ll see me posting content as I’m severing ties with WordPress effective immediately.

This has been coming for a long time as I wanted more motivation for creating better content.  There’s nothing wrong with WordPress; quite the contrary, WP is the best alternative for publishing works for free, and I created a number of projects stemming from WordPress such as Geek Democracy, the Geek Democracy Podcast, DS Jim Podcast (my most successful, self-funded project), 3DScussions (the most fun, yet the most short-lived) among others.  Still, with life comes constant change, and with me purchasing new hardware, performing work-study assignments while taking full-time course loads and (scarily) choosing my on-campus living accommodations (the move-in date is being set for early December), I wanted to make yet another clean break.

I chose the Ghost Project because I discovered that I liked using Markdown (Node.js platform’s simplified markup language) to see both the text entry view and live updates of the content.  Not only that, but I can more easily post on Ghost using my iPad than on WordPress, as WordPress looks like a jumbled mess, even when using the landscape view).  Plus, I’m highly interested in seeing the project improve, as for the past year or so I’ve found myself contributing to a few open-source projects in more ways than just use and feedback.

The Lone Wolf Blog on Ghost will also be officially hosted by the Ghost project at or around August 22nd at a low monthly rate with unlimited space included; this will allow for more professional videos that I may or may not even host on YouTube anymore, as well as for a secret project that will require my upcoming iMac purchase and lots of additional time to dedicate.

Thanks to Dan for the recommendation to use Ghost several months ago, of which I signed up for and then abandoned due to the lack of progress and features.  Thanks also to Matt and Marco for being good sports and adding your fingerprints to the many things that I’ve/we’ve done over the past eight years.

I can be reached at the following (URLs edited for security reasons, which is another reason why I’m leaving WordPress [darn spam bots]):

*Ghost, for blogging, found at www(snot)thelonewolfblog(snot)com as of August 16th.

*Twitter, for daily minimalist updates, found at twitter(snot)com(forward-slash)Lone(underscore)GreyWolf

*Steam, for Mac gaming, found at steamcommunity(snot)com(forward-slash)id(forward-slash)TheLoneWolf

*Player(dot)me, for Youtube gameplay videos, found at player(snot)me(forward-slash)Lone(underscore)Wolf

*You’ll know what to replace certain words with.

My friends know where to find me as we converse using almost every method EXCEPT WordPress, unless it concerns Dan’s comics project.  Other than that, for the final time here on WordPress, this is:


See you on Ghost.


2 thoughts on “Final WordPress Post: The Lone Wolf Blog is Now on Ghost; WordPress version Will BE a Ghost”

    1. I chose the paid hosting package for Ghost. I think there’s a free account (or there used to be), but from the past two days I think the only free account that you can get for Ghost is one that you’ll have to upload on an already established server yourself.

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