Dead Trigger 2 gameplay (iPad mini R via Everyplay)

*NOTE:  Everyplay’s embed code isn’t working here on WordPress, so here’s the link to Everyplay to see the vid.  Despite my praise for Everyplay’s functionality below, it apparently still needs work. – Jay.

I mentioned several games that I purchased for my iPad mini R (Retina) in my previous post, but one of the games that I didn’t mention was a freebie for iOS by Madfinger Games called Dead Trigger 2.  In it, the player takes part in mini-episodes dodging or defeating hordes of zombies while escorting or rescuing non-playable characters or otherwise completing objectives.  The controls are decent for an iOS game, and while the graphics aren’t the sharpest that I’ve seen as the resolution changes from blurry to sharp depending on movement (I admittedly have nothing to compare the game against as this is one of the first iPad games that I’ve purchased) they’re more than passable, especially on a retina screen.

Regarding the video, I didn’t even plan on making one as I’m still trying to figure out which app would be the most useful for capturing footage from the iPad to either transfer to the Mac and clean it up or upload directly, preferably not to YouTube.  Thanks to Madfinger incorporating Everyplay functionality, a prompt appears when a level is completed, asking if they’d like to share their session with others.  After signing in via Twitter the video was seamlessly uploaded, with full audio as well (I thought that there was something wrong with the game as I had no sound during playing…only to find that I accidentally hit the mute switch on the iPad when testing out my new travel case.  I didn’t find out until hours later.  Oops.).

This entry was unplanned, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the video.  I do plan to talk more about Everyplay and it’s implementation eventually, as it seems like it’s the perfect answer to YouTube in regards to copyright ownership (the developer agrees to let players post videos by implementing the Everyplay function).  It’s also a good way to address the lack of promotion on the iTunes Store, because the more gameplay videos shown, the more that iOS and Android owners are aware of the product.  Judging by the video and the seamless functionality of Everyplay in general, it’s a win-win.



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