The Lone Wolf Blog – Inaugural

Current mid-life crisis

Good morning, good afternoon, good…well, whenever you’re reading this.  I’m James Wallace, a former Philadelphia-based junior accountant now currently living in the Midwest and pursuing my dream of attending university full-time in the hopes of finally earning a Bachelor’s degree in accounting.  In order to break up the monotony of class/study/sleep, I decided to transform my former blog space from a monstrous page that was going nowhere into my own personal journal about attending college at age thirty-five, trends in today’s gaming world (amusing, worrisome and changing) and some hands-on experiences.  This will aid me not only in exercising my creative writing skills but also continue writing and publishing content as a hobby.

Ye olde Mac platform

Until recently, I’ve been a very active Steam gamer, first via Windows in 2007 before switching to Mac OS X in mid-2009 due to necessity (a mandatory Windows Vista update killed my motherboard).  Most of my gaming-related experiences and musings will focus on indie-related games released for Apple hardware (both desktop and mobile), as well as Nintendo’s 3DS and Sony hardware of yesteryear.  Don’t be put off by the fact that a lot of my hands-on experiences that I’ll post will be related to Apple; despite my not having time to play console games, I certainly know my way around controllers.  I’ve been playing console games since 1985 with the Atari 2600, and my most recent console platform was Sony’s Playstation 3.  The reason I won’t be able to talk much about current console gaming is that the hobby has become so expensive and distracting that I can’t keep up.  I’ll also grant a full disclosure:  it was because of video games that I first dropped out of Temple University back in 1997 (due to Sonic CD on the Sega CD, of all games).

If I had paid more attention to my class requirements and my GPA, I would have been a civil rights attorney by now.  Instead I rose through the ranks at a hospital’s AP department until I couldn’t stand it anymore.  Thus, this is where I’ve found myself after several years of performing temporary assignments.

I’m a huge Etrian Odyssey fan (Atlus’s first-person dungeon crawling RPGs for Nintendo handhelds), so sooner or later you’ll see a big post regarding the series.  The series is the only reason that I keep my aging 3DS around.  Despite the third-party support for the 3DS, I’m slowly losing interest in conventional portable gaming.  Maybe this is due to time, age or priorities, but I do game on the 3DS now and then, though I’d rather sit back and finish my huge Sega Saturn library.  Now that I’ve purchased newer, more powerful hardware (see below), my 3DS’s future is becoming less certain.

Editing and updating The Lone Wolf Blog will be done primarily by a 2013 iPad mini
Editing and updating The Lone Wolf Blog will be done primarily by using a 2013 iPad mini (Retina model)

Speaking of brand new hardware (as in I literally haven’t turned on the device yet!), you may have noticed that I included a box containing an iPad mini in the first image.  Well, in addition to attending classes full-time (with a 3.9 GPA instead of my laughable sub-2.0 average from the mid-1990s) the iPad mini with Retina Display is not only my first iOS device since January 2010 (back then it wasn’t even called iOS!), it’s my first-ever iPad.  I’m hoping that whatever videos I capture or whatever photos I take will do the blog some justice.  Gameplay videos regarding iOS games are being planned, but I’ll need to find time to purchase a video-capture app for my Mac that’ll be able to reliably accomplish the task.  I’ll talk more about the iPad mini “R” (which I’ll call it henceforth, the “R” of course meaning Retina) in a future post.

That’s it for my first entry.  The next one will cover my first impressions of the iPad mini with Retina Display.  Hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming content.


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